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Measure what you treasure and join the World Wellbeing Movement.

We are the World Wellbeing Movement (WWM), a not-for-profit social impact organisation working at the intersection between academic experts, and decision-makers in both business and policy to translate evidence-informed wellbeing insights into real-world impact.

We are a coalition of global leaders from business, civil society, and academia that have come together to put wellbeing at the heart of decision-making both in business, and public policy. Our approach to achieving this pivotal mission is strongly evidence-based. That’s why our academic partnership with the Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Oxford is so key. This means all of the work we do is backed by credible, robust academic research.

Our Mission

To put wellbeing at the heart of decision-making both in business and public policy.

Our Objectives

We recognise that our mission is so essential, that we need clear objectives to positively transform the world.

To adopt a simple and universally acceptable measure of wellbeing as a key ESG indicator for social impact.

To share best practices and provide insights into how to improve wellbeing.

To build a community that influences policy-makers across the globe to adopt wellbeing as their goal.

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