23.05.2023 | 2 min read

The business case for investing in employee wellbeing

While many CEOs are championing cost cuts, they are missing the biggest opportunity for success.

A new feature published by Fast Company details some of the key justifications for an investment in workplace wellbeing.

The piece features some of the latest work by World Wellbeing Movement founding member and academic partner, the Wellbeing Research Centre.

“The new analysis recently published from Oxford seeks to answer the question: in addition to being a morally virtuous choice for leaders to invest in employee wellbeing, do high wellbeing companies see stronger financial performance? Small studies in the past indicate such a link within individual companies, and some studies have used proxies of employee wellbeing like company star ratings, but there has not been research that looks at thousands of companies, sourced from millions of employee surveys, based on standard measures of wellbeing.”

Read the full piece from Fast Company.