08.02.2024 | 2 min read

Prof Robert Waldinger on the world’s longest study on happiness

Current Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, Prof Robert Waldinger, provides insight into how we can lead happier and healthier lives.

What makes us happy?

Today’s Working on Wellbeing podcast guest, Prof Robert Waldinger, is the current Director of a study that set out to answer this exact question.

That study is the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which has followed the same individuals for over 80 years in an attempt to find out what keeps people healthy and happy. Beginning in 1938, this is one of the longest ever running studies of adulthood and has produced remarkable data.

Robert is also co-author of ‘The Good Life’, which is a best-selling book informed by the study, and full of research-based insights and practical tips to improve our lives.

In this episode, Robert and host Sarah Cunningham discuss the fascinating findings and real-world applications of Robert’s and his predecessors’ work, including the importance of social connection, and building your social fitness. 

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